Triangulite – Personalised



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44cm x 20xm x 20cm

Triangulite is a tabletop, interactive light sculpture, comprising fifteen wooden triangles. The triangles are stacked on top of each other, with an acrylic tube running through the middle, linking them together. There is an inner tube, with five meters of RGB LED strip lights fitted to it, looping vertically around the inside and outside of the tube. A frosted acrylic tube fits over the top of the inner tube, in order to diffuse the light source and create a glowing ambience.

The triangles are separated slightly by clear acrylic spacer tubes. These create small gaps between each triangle, allowing light to project from the centre, casting coloured illumination over the woodgrain of the sculpture and its surroundings. The triangles are able to rotate independently, allowing various geometric patterns to be created through pleasing tactile interaction.

The sculpture has a triangular wooden base, which houses the Bluetooth control system for the lighting. This enables interaction with the sculpture via an app and allows the selection of colours, programming of sequences and an almost infinite variety of lighting effects. The piece also has an integrated microphone, enabling the sound that is sensed to be transformed into a synchronised audio-visual display.