Loving in the Face of Fear – Personalised

SCULPTURAL COFFEE TABLE – From the Relaxaa range


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Relaxaas are interactive pieces of functional art that, by harnessing the sacred geometry of nature with the therapeutic properties of coloured light, induce states of serenity, aid relaxation and improve wellbeing.

47cm x 64cm x 42cm

Loving in the Face of Fear is a hybrid piece of functional art. It is a sculptural coffee table and an interactive light sculpture, rolled into one. Crafted from five different varieties of hardwood and three different varieties of crystal, the piece has a toughened glass top and also includes a special, cast bronze detail.

The central, geometric element is made up of hundreds of tiny, hand-sculpted pieces of wood. These miniature structures create an abstract diorama, depicting the suggestion of a sci-fi-esque cityscape.

During the creation of this piece, whilst daydreaming of the many iconic, cityscape escapades depicted throughout recent history, I had the vision of including a happy and triumphant King Kong-type character. My intention being to represent the transformation of a symbol that has long been perceived as a fear inducing presence, to that of one that stands for the projection of positivity. One that wholeheartedly encourages ‘Loving in the Face of Fear’!

In collaboration with my friend, Paul Winslow, the ‘Micro Kong’ (standing only 2cm tall) was hand-sculpted in wax and then cast in solid bronze. This Micro Kong can be seen, with a big grin on its face, rejoicing atop one of the wooden ‘skyscrapers’.

The piece has an internal smart control system, connected to state-of-the-art LEDs that are concealed within the outer frame of the table. This enables interaction with the piece via any smart enabled device, allowing the selection of colours, programming of sequences and an almost infinite variety of lighting effects. The table can be integrated into any smart home system and can also access the microphone in any smartphone or handheld device, transforming the sound that is sensed into a synchronised audio-visual display.