DNA is a sound responsive light sculpture that is based on the double helix formation of a DNA molecule. The main section of the sculpture consists of 177 handcrafted, frosted acrylic pieces. Housed in the hexagonal oak base is a powerful LED projector.

240cm x 90cm

Frosted acrylic, clear acrylic, mirror acrylic, stainless steel, aluminium, mirror glass, oak, programmable LCD control panel, sound to light driver, sequence driver, colour changing LED light source.

The light that is projected upwards from the base of the sculpture is diffused across the surface of the acrylic pieces. There are large circular mirrors at the top and bottom of the DNA column that creates an infinite reflection of the illuminated double helix formation.

The light source can be controlled from the LCD control panel that is located on the front of the base. The control panel enables the programming and selection of colours, sequences, brightness and the sound response function. The control panel also has an Ethernet connection and built-in web server to enable computer programming of the light sculpture, allowing the selection and mixing of millions of colours.