3-DELEQ stands for 3-Dimensional, ElectroLuminescent, EQualiser. It is a sound responsive light sculpture that uses electroluminescent technology. 3-DELEQ has been created so that any music or sound can be input, the sound is then split into 3 separate frequency ranges and individually represented by the 3 different coloured sets of rings.

125cm x 52cm

Toughened glass, clear acrylic, electroluminescent pigment, polycarbonate, anodised aluminium, stainless steel, sound to light driver, sequence driver.

Bass frequencies are represented by the red rings, mid-range frequencies are represented by the yellow rings and treble frequencies are represented by the green rings. The higher the level of each of the individual frequency ranges that are sensed, the more rings that represent that frequency range are illuminated, starting from low levels at the bottom, to high levels at the top. 3-DELEQ creates an animated, visual representation of the sounds that you are hearing, similar to a graphic equaliser display but in a three-dimensional, cylindrical form.

There is also a sequence driver in 3-DELEQ, so that pre-set patterns can be programmed. This allows a visual display to be created that can be enjoyed without the need of any sound input.

“I wanted to create an audio-visual experience that takes the enjoyment of music to a higher level, where you can see the sound as well as hear it.” Jamie Barrett – FUTURETRO.