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Interactive sculptures inspired by the intricate beauty of nature and my infinite inner visions. Handmade with love… Expressing the energy that flows through my soul, with the intention of spreading positivity.

I enjoy the extra dimensional aspect of integrating electronics and lighting in my work. This enables my sculptures to become interactive with the observer; capable of changing their shapes and colours, using an array of technologies. Some of my work is also sound responsive, creating interactive, audio-visual installations.

Through my creative practice I have explored a diverse range of topics, including: the visual representation of sound, chromatherapy (colour therapy), sacred geometry and ‘plant music’.

My recent work includes a range of geometric wall-sculptures and sculptural tables that, through integrated Smart technology, aid relaxation and meditation; creating an increased sense of wellbeing, something that I believe is particularly important in the world today. These pieces can access the microphone in any smartphone or handheld device, transforming the sound that is sensed into a synchronised audio-visual display.

The FUTURETRO style blends futuristic thinking with the charm of retro design.

‘Futuretro’ [pronounced future-retro] symbolises a harmonious equilibrium. A balance of dualities. Where the future meets the past. Flowing in the infinite now…

Jamie Barrett – FUTURETRO

Farnham, Surrey, England

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